About The Author

Born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida, Sean has been an avid fan of all things South Florida sports as long as he can remember, and a true diehard as long as he has known how to write in the third person.  His first live sporting event was a Monday Night Football between the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets in 1992, and has attended well over a hundred games around the country, albeit most of them right here in South Florida.  His favorite sports memory was attending Game 7 of 1997 World Series between the Florida Marlins and the Cleveland Indians; incidentally, his worst would likely be a toss up between Dan Marino’s retirement and first becoming aware of the existence of Cam Cameron.  Hamstrung by a total lack of athletic ability, Sean has given up on his dream of giving the Dolphins some stability at quarterback, and has landed comfortably on history professor and budding amateur sports writer.

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