About The Site

MiamiMarlinsMinute is an absolutely new and admittedly amateur sports blog dedicated to following every pitch of Miami Marlins baseball.  The format is certainly open to tweaking- and reader comments are definitely welcome on that note.  But you can count on post game stat wraps, series outlooks, and weekly feature articles.  As a baseball junkie, I’m shooting for two target audiences here:

  1. Fans who are actually productive in society, and only have time for a quick report on what happened.
  2. Fans who are as hardcore as I am, and just can’t enough information.

So shooting to inform on the fly, and spark discussion and debate.  And of course to entertain.

Regular site features are as follows:

  • Miami Marlins Minute- Post game stat wrap, one factoid for every inning.  Look for these following every game.  Enough to inform the fan on-the-go, and whet the appetite of the more ardent devotee.
  • Three Strikes- Your series outlook.  One of these will appear prior to every new series.  Three reasons, or “strikes”, are given for why/how Miami will win the series…followed by three for why the other team will.  Three of these will always be pitching, offense, and defense; the other three will be wild cards.  Compare the notes, make your guess, and see how it plays out.
  • Articles- Again, will see an average of one article a week.  Typically will be a more in depth look at whatever the latest trending story is with the team, but also try to look ahead and touch on something the professional media hasn’t pounced on yet.  If it occurred to me to be interested, chances are there’s one or two other fans out there who thought of it as well.

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