Three Strikes: Miami Marlins vs Colorado Rockies

And we’re back! New job and new house have completely filed away at my time, and will likely continue to intrude their way into June.  But have enough of a handle to try to move forward with regular content again.  If you’re reading this, thanks for continuing to check in!

As for this four day tilt against the visiting Colorado Rockies, the Marlins find themselves gifted with a chance to swiftly turn the narrative around, and get back that borderline momentum the had built up by winning their last three series.  Can the Marlins close off the season series against the Rockies with a win, or will panic return to South Beach? Let’s dive in.

Why Miami Wins The Series

  • Strike 1- Defense.  While not the runaway leaders in the metric they were at the start of the year, they still are the leaders.  And more importantly, the Rockies aren’t exactly one of the clubs nipping at the Marlins’ heels (fish have heels, right?); Colorado has committed twelve more errors on the season than Miami.
  • Strike 2- 57 homers.  Average the Rockies and Marlins dinger tallies together, that’s what you get.  Significant, right?  Ok, maybe not.  Well it’s also what Giancarlo Stanton is on pace for, and that does merit some attention.  The average might still be horrible, but with all due respect to American Pharoah, two-thirds of a Triple Crown is still pretty damn impressive.  Look for G to continue to clobber Colorado, even without the Coors assist.
  • Strike 3- Dealing With Dee.  Last time out against the Rockies, the Marlins All-Star second basemen put up a .428 average.   Reaching base in every game, the only pitcher he failed to record multiple hits against was the only Colorado SP he won’t face in the series.  The Fish will need someone to knock him in, but rest assured, Gordon will be on base.

Why Colorado Wins The Series

  • Strike 1- Offense.  Pick a category, Colorado leads in it.  In their last three games, Colorado has put up 19 RBIs; Miami has only scored 8 in the same stretch.  Only three NL clubs have a better offense than the Rockies, while only three NL clubs have a worse offense than the Marlins.
  • Strike 2- Pitching.  Going off of recent match ups here, as Miami does rank six spots ahead of Colorado in ERA.  But considering Colorado is last in the majors, that doesn’t say a lot about either squad.  Toronto did a fair job of cooling off Miami’s bats, and now the Fish face the Rockies’ better arms- including hot prospect Chris Rusin.  Miami counters with plenty of pitchers who struggled or matchup poorly, while Colorado serves up plenty of hurlers who handled Miami pretty well last time out.
  • Strike 3- Home field advantage.  Or rather the lack of it if you’re the Marlins.  Colorado is actually a game over .500 on the road, and comes in riding the momentum of having just taken a series from the mighty Cardinals.  The Marlins have had some real issues winning in their park by contrast, anchored around the fact that power slugger Stanton barely bats over .220 at Marlins Park.

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