Miami Marlins Minute 5/16

Apologies for late Three Strikes Post- visiting family for the weekend; deep down, I know we know which is more important.

Yea, you’re right- moment of weakness letting baseball be neglected.

As for the game? Well if my numbers are correct, Mike Redmond is two weekend losses away from getting fired, as Miami dropped to 16-20 with a 5-3 meltdown of a loss to the visiting Braves.

  • Dee Gordon Watch: 3 for 5 night, batting .433
  • Giancarlo Stanton crushed two home runs to pad his MLB best 35 RBI; both were solos.
  • Sadly the team that has allowed the fewest unearned runs all year allowed two tonight.
  • This is still the best defensive start in team history, despite the irony of ESPN announcing that before arguably Miami’s worst defensive game of the year.
  • David Phelps allowed 9 hits, but struck out 8, and was charged with only one run.
  • Miami’s 12 hits set a season high for hits in a loss; 11 men were left on base.
  • J.T. Realmuto- Four game hit streak thanks to a lone double on a 1 for 4 night.
  • Ichiro Watch: Successful pinch hit lifts him to 2,870 all time.
  • The only thing that went right for an 0 for 4 Michael Morse was Justin Bour going 0 for 1.

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