Miami Marlins Minute 5/13

Well, it was only a matter of time before Miami just flat out lost a game, as Wednesday night saw a pummeling unmatched since the “Latos game” on the second day of the season.  I can only say that I’ve never been happier my wife wanted to cuddle and watch House of Cards during a baseball game; binge watching a depressing but well-written show is far more satisfying than enduring a depressing but poorly executed shellacking.  It would seem fair to speculate the team could be a little down after the way they lost the previous two games, and having some trouble shaking off the knowledge that they should absolutely be no worse than 6-3 on the road trip following the conclusion of today’s clobbering. Instead, at 3-6, Mike Redmond likely enters this homestand the same way he entered the last one: needing a winning one to save his job.

  • Giancarlo Stanton hit his eighth home run- and hit it out of the stadium.
  • There actually weren’t any errors in this game, as horrifying as that sounds.
  • Dan Haren took the loss, allowing six runs, while Brad Hand allowed five.
  • Haren did this in 4.1 innings, while Hand was much more efficient, needing only 0.2
  • Nick Masset did log two scoreless frames though, perhaps throwing his hat in the closer ring.
  • Miami did actually have a lead in this game- Stanton’s shot was in the top of the first.
  • Dee Gordon Watch: Two game hitless streak, only batting .412 now.
  • If you multiply Miami’s total hits by four, you’d still be one shy of the 21 the Dodgers put up.
  • The final score was 11-1 by the way…I’ll admit I started a little early tonight.

But if you want to feel better, you can always watch this – might make you feel less deflated.


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