Three Strikes: San Francisco Giants vs Miami Marlins

A sterling streak of series wins came to an end Wednesday, as the Nationals handed Miami their first series loss since getting swept by the Mets on April 19th.  The Marlins will look to get back on track against the San Francisco Giants as the Ten Game Road Trip From Hell continues with a four game set against the defending World Series Champions.  How’s it gonna play out? Only one way to find out loyal readers.

Why Miami Wins The Series

  • Strike 1- Defense.  Even after putting up four errors in their last four games, Miami still has the best defensive mark in the game.  The Giants are middle of the pack at 18, right on track with the NL average.  So while the edge isn’t nearly as dramatic as it has been in the last few series, it still could be enough to give Miami a spark.
  • Strike 2- Offense.  The NL RBI leader and the MLB hits leader give Miami a slight edge, as the Giants have begun to heat up.  But for the year, the Fish average out to top 5 offense…while the Giants wakeup everyday thankful for the existence of the Phillies, who keep them out of the league cellar.  Throw in the probable return of Christian Yelich- not that Ichiro has hurt them at all- and a possible nostalgic knock by World Series hero Michael Morse, and Miami could do some damage.
  • Strike 3- Stanton. Call him a local boy, and expect this same argument to be thrown out for the Dodgers series.  Dude just loves California.  Always rakes on the West Coast, and has been hitting the ball hard of late.  If he can lay off some of those low and away sliders, he might just provide some souvenirs for McCovey Cove scuba divers and sailors.

Why San Francisco Wins The Series

  • Strike 1- Pitching.  Look, not gonna sugar coat this.  Every pitcher Miami faces in this series has been to at least one All-Star game.  One of them has won two Cy Young awards- and for the first time in forever– is actually pitching like it again.  Oh, and one of them is Madison Bumgarner, who….well if you’re reading an amateur baseball blog, that should be all I need to say.  This series could very easily sting.
  • Strike 2- Hitting their stride.  Winners of 7 of their last 10, the defending champs are starting to look the part for the first time this year.  Having won three world titles since 2010, I think it’s fair to be concerned when they start playing well.  Grant it, Miami has taken 6 of 10 themselves, but they also come in scuffling.  Giants are sizzling in contrast.
  • Strike 3- The Ghost of Casey McGehee.  Maybe its all the years watching ex-Dolphins win Super Bowls and make Pro Bowls with the Patriots- you could say it’s deflating– but nothing scares me more in sports than watching my teams take on players that were pretty blatantly deemed not worthy.  Be wary of Casey.

*Author’s Note- Sorry for late post folks! Still stand by all comments, and really did think Morse would have one nice game even before seeing it.


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