Miami Marlins Minute 4/24

The Miami Marlins officially won two of three series on their first road trip of the year- in probably what was one of the most uncomfortably awkward road trips in team history- on the strength of a 9-1 smackdown of the Philadelphia Phillies on a getaway Thursday afternoon.

  • This time around, eight of Miami’s nine runs were earned in a 12-hit effort.
  • Philadelphia did not score until the bottom of the 9th inning.
  • Giancarlo Stanton had only one hit…but it was an 118.5mph 2-run homer, his fourth of the year.
  • The Marlins have 10 hits or more in five consecutive games; they’ve won two of those.
  • Miami entered the series with one regular hitting .300 or better; that list is now up to four.
  • Really it’s five if you count JT Realmuto; you should since Saltalamacchia went 0-4 today.
  • Though the best so far-Dee Gordon- is suddenly and quietly working on a 4 for 19 mini slump.
  • David Phelps did his best Henderson Alvarez impersonation, tossing 7 shutout innings for the W.
  • The last time Miami won a series in Philadelphia was 2012.

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