Three Strikes: Marlins vs Braves

Working on format and title here, but idea is to throw out three reasons on either side of the argument for how the Marlins will fare in every series this year.  Hoping to build up a readership, and see your thoughts in the comments- would rather see what you think is a stronger argument than to state my own position.  Besides, I never bet against my teams- it’s a rule I have.  First up, the Atlanta Braves in Miami for the next three days.

Why Miami Wins The Series

  • Strike 1- The Braves just dumped arguably the best closer in baseball, as well as a veteran member of the starting lineup in Melvin Upton. Not the best message to send the clubhouse before the season starts, despite all the cliches about baseball being a business, and they could well start off in a bit of a funk.
  • Strike 2- Momentum.  Miami has it.  Darlings of the offseason- well, outside of the Padres- this group seems to have a different makeup from the 2012 team.  A healthy spring, with many key members seeming to find their stride just in time, could have them blazing out of the gate.
  • Strike 3- Talent.  The Braves have as little of it right now as they’ve had in recent memory.  Miami went 10-9 against the Braves last year, and then the offseason saw the gap grow even wider between the clubs.

Why Atlanta Wins The Series

  • Strike 1- Us Against The World.  Depleted roster from past years, but still a dangerous top of the rotation and a locker room full of veteran faces and developing players. Look for them to rally in the wake of the Kimbrel trade- they still have two former All-Star closers on the roster- and play above their heads for a couple weeks to start the year.
  • Strike 2-  208-150.  Miami beats Atlanta only .419% of the time, their worst mark against any division opponent.  A heated rivalry, don’t expect this figure to dramatically change any time soon.
  • Strike 3- Swollen Heads.  With the core of this team a young group, why should they be better equipped to handle the lofty expectations placed upon them then the veteran heavy team that underwhelmed so dramatically in 2012? Not saying this won’t be a better season, but look for the kids to take some time to find their stride.

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